Friday, July 10, 2009

266-ish (again)...

Been a while. The new relationship is settling down now into a bit of a decent routein, which is good. I put on some weight while making comfort foods while staying with AK at her business partners' place for 10-or-so days, but it came back off pretty quickly.

I'm still being pretty responsible with my eating, which makes me feel good. I just don't feel driven to mollify emotional states with food anymore. AK noted last night (with some mild displeasure) that I had no sweets or baked treats in the flat. "No, I don't. I find it hard to be responsible about them, so tend to not have them at hand," I said. I believe that's in my best interest, at least for now. I don't want to put on weight. It's that simple. Snacks & sweets are a killer to me, so I do what it takes to keep them at bay, and I do that by... keeping them at bay.

I do need to start walking/exercising again, but don't feel too bad about taking some time away from it. It will be there for me when I start ramping back up.