Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to 270-something...

Well, I've allowed myself the luxury of putting a few back on eating a bit of comfort food with my girl. You know, those recipes that help people learn who you are when times get bad, and what it takes to sooth your soul. But even though, I still feel more in control of the eating. I will be getting back on the wagon/horse soon. We're house-sitting for her business partner, and she was ill the last two days, so there was much sitting about. I haven't been walking in weeks (shame on me) but we're still in that spend-most-of-our-time-together mode. We have recently mentioned this to each-other, and are planning some time apart to stabilize the dynamic. It will get evened out, as will I. But as for right now, it feels good to let go and celebrate a bit.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Which is fine, actually. I'm relaxing a bit with the weight-loss, mostly because I need the food for energy. I'm running ragged these past weeks, which is 90% for the good. Splurged and purchased my vitamins again because I know that their absence was contributing to this feeling of running on fumes. Happy, excited fumes, but fumes none-the-less. I haven't been walking like I was, and I plan to get back on that soon, but right now, I think I may be getting as much exercise as I used to simply by keeping up with the manic pace of my life. I still think 250 by August is completely reasonable and do-able.

The change in life may bring something I'd written off: Fatherhood. The thought makes me both excited and fearful, but I know I still want it. I always have. But what it means is that I MUST get this weight off. If I think I'm tired now, imagine what being a 50-year old father of a 9-year old child will be like, dude?

Saturday, June 13, 2009

And suddenly, 263-ish!

So much has happened in the past two weeks! I've just been running non-stop. This isn't the "life" blog, so I'll skip the details, but the details are part-and-parcel of the weight-loss. I haven't even been doing my daily walk, and STILL dropped weight. Regardless, it's all good.

But the majority of it is the eating. I'm back in control. I must eat 40% or less of what I used to. Even at that, I bet I'm still getting 1800kcal a day, so that says two things: 1) I can live on a reasonable amount, and b) what I was eating was way beyond reasonable. It feels so damn good to not feel like I'm a victim of my self and my inability to exert control in this area. It just feels good. I can dance again. I can walk again with much less effort. I look better. Women are flirting with me! A few women are even jealous OVER ME. I mean seriously, this has never happened to me in my life.

It's wonderful...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Holding at a good place. Not much time to write. The new GF was here from Fri evening through Monday afternoon, then I spent the night there last night. Sorta running ragged, but the good news is, I still don't feel the desire to over-eat. That's so freeing.

More later...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weightloss gives me...


272.0. Still holding the line. Cool. I did expect to put back on the dance loss from the crazy weekend. That was mostly sweat. So to see 272 after two days of eating "normally" is encouraging. I know now more than ever that the weight-loss is real, and I have real traction now. All I had to eat yesterday were two cold-cut wraps, some hemp-seed chips, about a half a cup of humus and 3/4 of a bottle of Corona. Probably 1200 cal. Hunger isn't really bothering me all that much. I'm in that place now where I can just ignore it.

But this insomnia thing; oi. It's partly due to the weight-loss; the different energy level and the change in metabolism. But it's also due to a girl. I can't stop thinking about her, and no matter how damn tired I am, if I wake, I get that NRE head-spin, and boing! Awake and alert.

I think I'm going to do my walk here in the early dawn. Get it done before it gets hot again.