Friday, November 5, 2010

238.6 (Boo-Ya!)

After having been stuck at 245-ish for a month and some, this is beyond awesome.  I am near exactly one large dog-food bag away from 200lbs! (Nice tan-lines on the feets, eh?  Those should be called "PDX Southern tan-lines" [read: "from wearing Keens all summer"]).

To make this even better, I had a doctor's appointment today for a prescription reissue.  I haven't seen him in like 9 months.  I walked in, and I kid you not, he stopped, double-taked, exclaimed "You look great!" then without missing a beat, added "Everything okay?"


He asked how I was doing it.  I told him carbohydrate restriction, mindful eating and walking.  He was all smiles.

A bonus aside from that visit: it did calibrate my home scale pretty well.  I was 239.x this morning before I left.  I got on their uber-accurate scale fully clothed with shoes (I figured I was +6lbs or so there) and weighed in at 245, so that about jibes exactly.  After I left the doctor's office, I wound up getting off at the wrong bus stop and had to walk a good 1.5 miles to get to my next destination, so I got my walkies in fo sure.  I weighed myself just now after getting home, just to make sure I got the lowest number.  I may drop further today because I rushed out of the house this morning and forgot to take my diuretic, so I have some fluid in me.  I just took it, so I'll be peeing like a race-horse in about 30min.  Weeeeeee!  (<--hehehe.  See what I just did there?)

Last night at my sangha Communication's team meeting, I decided to have pita bread and hummus with the crew.  I had my regular Mediterranean chicken salad, but after having the bread at the monastery over the weekend and not essploding, I decided that I should, if only as a practice of moderation, not to say anything of a reward.  I'm glad I did.  It was wonderful.  Yet more people (at that meeting) ask me "how are you doing this?"  I tell them the same answer.  They all sorta shake their heads in mild disbelief, as if to say "Well sonofabiatch.  That diet and exercise stuff actually works, hu?"  My friend Bansho was there, and attested to the same.  He's really focusing on portion control and exercise, but whatever works.

Something kinda weird struck me on the bus today.  I am actually sorta looking forward to sesshin.  Why?  Because after a solid week of ōryōki, I may conceivably be down to 230!  We'll see, though.  I'm really enjoying not thinking so much about this stuff anymore, and focusing on "goals".  My only goal is this moment.  Now.  Now.  NOW!

But I'll admit that I'm liking that there's slightly less "body" in the "body/mind" that is sensing/experiencing this "now" now ;)

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