Tuesday, October 5, 2010

243.2 (And almost all quiet on the Gallbladder front...)

First off, that number will most likely tick up a bit, as it is an "on empty" reading.

Anyway, the gallbladder's finally quieted down.  To say that I've learned my lesson about 9pm mochas is not stating it emphatically enough, to say the least.

A quick word on the shiritaki noodles:
OMFGLOWCARBPWNIES!!!!!  These things made for the BEST pho!!!  Seriously, I was stunned.  Just like rice stick.  I was pleased beyond words, and at one point, I did--in fact--tell JB "Sssssh.  I'm slurping noodles, and I don't want to spoil the moment with words."  My friend TKW educated me on preparation, and the key is shocking them with boiling water to get the funk off them.  After that, you're golden.  Before that, you're pretty sure that spoiled, rancid tuna had been involved in the manufacturing or packaging process.  CCK ran out and got them the night after my TXT review and has used them as well.  The future's bright...

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