Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Which is fine, actually. I'm relaxing a bit with the weight-loss, mostly because I need the food for energy. I'm running ragged these past weeks, which is 90% for the good. Splurged and purchased my vitamins again because I know that their absence was contributing to this feeling of running on fumes. Happy, excited fumes, but fumes none-the-less. I haven't been walking like I was, and I plan to get back on that soon, but right now, I think I may be getting as much exercise as I used to simply by keeping up with the manic pace of my life. I still think 250 by August is completely reasonable and do-able.

The change in life may bring something I'd written off: Fatherhood. The thought makes me both excited and fearful, but I know I still want it. I always have. But what it means is that I MUST get this weight off. If I think I'm tired now, imagine what being a 50-year old father of a 9-year old child will be like, dude?

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