Thursday, June 25, 2009

Back to 270-something...

Well, I've allowed myself the luxury of putting a few back on eating a bit of comfort food with my girl. You know, those recipes that help people learn who you are when times get bad, and what it takes to sooth your soul. But even though, I still feel more in control of the eating. I will be getting back on the wagon/horse soon. We're house-sitting for her business partner, and she was ill the last two days, so there was much sitting about. I haven't been walking in weeks (shame on me) but we're still in that spend-most-of-our-time-together mode. We have recently mentioned this to each-other, and are planning some time apart to stabilize the dynamic. It will get evened out, as will I. But as for right now, it feels good to let go and celebrate a bit.

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