Sunday, August 8, 2010

And suddenly... 264.8!!

Well, it's been an interesting interval between now and last post.  Having been stuck and stalled at 269-270 for a while, I'll admit that I was pretty damned discourage.  Yeah, I know that I was mostly stuck due to the "starving off the first few stone" thing, but it was still quite the downer: no energy and no progress.  But I stuck with it, didn't fall off, fall apart and fall on my face with it.  That alone was encouraging.

But today when I got on the scale, I nearly jumped back off in glee-fueled shock!  264.8!  And with what I've been eating?  It boggles the mind.  Cheese and veg omelets.  Cheese.  A bit more cheese.  Mocha with Half & Half?  Salad: would you like cheese on that?  Why yes, please...

Now I haven't been going bonkers with it.  God knows not like I used to.  I buy really high-quality cheese (that hasn't changed) but I eat a very moderate amount.  Admittedly, a "moderate amount" of cheese on this diet is probably a bit more than for other folks, but to have gone from a controlled starve to eating eggs & cheese?  It's like I'm being rewarded by heaven's kitchen!

But now, onto the topic of... bacon.

I decide to buy a pack of turkey bacon (I'm not ready to eat the real thing yet).  It was... okay.  I'm a bit underwhelmed, frankly.  I think if I'm gonna eat bacon, I may check with my farmer brother in Arkansas and see if he can send me some of his stuff.  I'd consider eating that.  I suppose.  Dunno.  This is a way touchy subject, I guess.

I bought two really nice sockeye salmon fillets that I plan on smoking in my Char-Griller tomorrow.  I may wind up having a date tomorrow night (JB) and she's ultra-low-carb as well.  Then again she hasn't been the most reliable date-planner, so she may not be here after all.  Either way, they get smoked and cooked on cedar planks.  Probably going to do the dijon mustard treatment to them.  I haven't had a salmon like that in... years and years.

I have really stuck to the walking, in spite of my reluctance to do it.  Just like zazen, the best time to walk is right when you admit that you really don't wanna!  It's trite but completely true.  Which reminds me; I need to sit zazen now.

Anyway, there's the report.  PROGRESS!!!

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