Tuesday, August 31, 2010

260, and I'm still happy with that...

Induction has been put on hold for a few days out of necessity.  Justa bunch of stuff going on.  Good news is, even though I haven't been exercising quit as much as I'd been before, no weight is going back on, I still feel good, have more energy, and am optimistic that the progress will continue.

In a few weeks, I fly back to my old home-town, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for my mom's 80th birthday celebration.  I imagine this will be an easier trip than when I was an active vegetarian, that's for sure.  I had been holding out hope that by the time I went back, I'd be 250, but I question whether that'll be the case or not.  I'm fine if it's not.  Honestly.

I'm looking into a gym membership for the winter months.  That may be a better solution than trying to cram a stationary bike and an elliptical machine in this tiny place.  Plus, it'll get me out of the house.  The place I'm inquiring to is about a quarter-mile walk right down the street from me, so I'll have the ability to walk there and back, even if it's crappy out, which it soon will be.  Unfortunately, they're undergoing a major renovation right now, and I don't know when that location will be open again.  The place--One With Heart--is a combo dojo and fitness center.  They're Indonesian-based Tulen.  They also offer Tai Chi, which I'd really like to start doing again.  If the price is right, I think the place could really be a good fit.

I'm thinking about trying to make beef bourguignon out in my smoker grill.  I think the smoky taste and the bourguignon sauce would be awesome together.  Just do one side of the grill as the hot side, and roast everything else in an aluminum pan on the "cool" side.  Could work.

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