Wednesday, September 1, 2010

259.2 (and an obseration on fat math...)

So, I've discovered that if I go to bed weighing approximately the same as I did when I wake up (with a day's meals in and no, um... "deposit"), I'm about to drop a pound.  I am not scale obsessed.  I find it helpful to track my weight throughout the day, so I have a sense of what "real numbers" are.  I am, however, considering switching to a weekly weigh-in on Sundays.

I am really feeling the difference in my body; how I move, my energy levels, my stamina.  I know I'm not even it ketosis yet.  This is really encouraging.  I have, for the first time, a sense that this low-carb way of living may really benefit me in the long-haul.  I am starting to envision myself in the future, and the image that was once a wild dream that I never really allowed myself to even so much as entertain now seems a possibility.

The craving for carbs and sugar has really diminished.  It's almost as if it only has an aesthetic appeal, and not the magnetic, black-hole-gravity draw that it used to.  Although I miss bread and potatoes, I miss them less than I thought I would.

I stumbled upon an offer on of someone giving away a pile of ketone test strips.  I'm going to go pick them up today.  Damn handy.  I guess those things are really pricey.  Probably going to pursue the Low Carb Nation store today with my CCK.  She's doing excellently as well, and has jumped past her initial goal of 150lbs (sorry, dear-heart.  I meant "10.5 stone" ;).  It's nice doing this with someone.  Anyway, I don't think I'll hit my 250 goal by the time I'm back in Wisconsin for my mom's birthday party unless I really ratchet up the exercise.  Who knows, though.  At this stage, I think anything may be possible.

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