Saturday, September 25, 2010

245-6ish (stalled, but motivated still...)

Frankly, I'm not much concerned with this stall.  I'm not gaining, and at this point, that's still encouraging.

All said and done, I feel better than I have in years.  And years.  And... well, you get the idea.

But a word or two on the stall.  I am really beginning to suspect that this is due in large part to the diuretic.  I'm looking to find some alternatives to the triamterene that I'm on.  Atkins mentions L-Taurine and Co-Enzyme Q10.  I have a feeler out to a naturopath friend of mine for more info.

I got a decent bit of walking in yesterday.  Was in desperate need of a mocha yesterday, so I walked down to the bus stop and grabbed some beans from the store.  I hadn't had breakfast, so I knew a real walk wouldn't do me well with no gas in the tank.  But that was 10 blocks of walk (five on each side of the bus).  Later in the day, I did the full boat 1.6mi round trip.  Again, I didn't really feel like it, but did it anyway.  The walking's the thing, and if I don't do it, nothing really comes off.  So I strapped on the toggs and did it.  This was more of an aerobic walk than normal, because I didn't stop at the store.  I simply walked for the sake of walking, kept going and didn't rest, so it was a good, long, continuous burn.  All said and done, that was about 2 miles of walking yesterday.

Last night my kid was here for the afternoon-evening.  I hadn't really had much to eat all day except for pork rinds and sour cream.  She was hungry and fighting a headache, so I made "white roughy" with mustard/mayo on the grill.  I probably won't be making it again due to the controversy surrounding it.  Apparently it's basa, which is not a roughy at all.  It most certainly didn't taste like roughy, but the texture was similar.  Still tasty, though.  Also made a few chicken drummies over the coals as well.

Today is kinda a big day.  It's the celebration of my hitting my 250lb goal.  CCK and I are spending the day together in a special way.  Should be fun.  And low carb.  Very low carb ;)

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