Monday, September 20, 2010

248-ish something (Of shoes and saving throws)...

If there was reason to suspect that the 240's aren't here to stay, three days of not seeing 250-anything about stick a fork in it.  Having said that...

I have still not really recovered from my Wisconsin trip, but it's not for lack of trying.  It is, however, from lack of sleep.

JB an I have been seeing more of each-other, which is really nice.  We just get on so well is so many places, low-carb not withstanding.  We've really been feeding off each-other lately, and I saw her Friday afternoon, when we went to pick up her boy, my little buddy QB.  We then went back to my place and made dinner and some other things.  Sunday she came over during the day, and I made chicken thighs and experimented with a country sausage gravy that--while waaaaay too salty--was really tasty over mashed cauliflower.  We then went out to karaoke (with me fulfilling a promise) and had fun.  We stayed up way the hell too late last night, and didn't get to sleep until nearly 6am.  I woke up at about 11:30am today and made us breakfast: omelets with pancetta ham, mushrooms, diced onions and cheddar cheese with bacon along side.  She was thrilled and impressed.  I was wasted tired.

She left about 2pm, and I dorked about on my laptop, trying in vain to get caught up on nothing in particular.  I was dead tired, but knew I needed to go do something.  So I ate a CarbWell bar, strapped on the Keans, and walked.  I know that the exercise is key, so I forced myself, tired as I was.  I didn't even really give myself time to think about it.  I just started by putting on the footwear.  OK, strapped in.  Might as well walk.  I was so on auto-pilot and so tired that I didn't even grab my phone, which is unheard of.

Walking down the hill from my flat, I tripped rather significantly.  I stumbled two or three steps in a row, and thought for sure I was going to wipe out in spectacular fashion, splaying myself out in a heap on someone's lawn.

But I didn't.

And this is interesting.  Yeah, credit the dice with a good saving-throw, but I immediately knew that if this had happened to me before weight-loss (hereafter refered to as simply "BWL") I most assuredly would have been pulling grass out of my mouth.  My knees would have buckled, my hips would have given out, and I'd have gone down like The Hindenblob.

I gathered myself and continued on, grateful but still tired.  I stumbled a few more times.  This was beginning to feel odd.  Yeah, I was tired, and yeah, my right foot drags due to my unsteady gate and disability, but what the hell?  I stopped at a crosswalk and looked at my feet.  I suddenly realized that my feet were too small for this particular pair of shoes now.  Well, I should say that they were too small for the way I'd been wearing them.  I never had to tighten the drawstrings on them before.  My Fred Flintstones were always kinda snug in them.  I walked a bit further, sat on a bus-stop bench, and sinched them in tight.  The walk from that point on was easier.  And safer.  And less spectacular.  Good.

I was still damn tired, and knew that I probably wouldn't do well tackling my regular 1.6mi walk, so I decided to make it a simple (and safer) 1 mile.  On my way back, I got a bit of an idea, and popped briefly into a local pet store.  I found the largest bag of dog food I could find--a 36.5lb bag--and lifted it.  I then reminded myself that I've lost 5.5 pounds more than that bag weighed.  That was how much weight I was schlepping around on my 5'8" frame.  Part of me suddenly felt a slight shame welling up inside of me.  The other part--the larger part now--didn't feel that.  It felt relief and a bit of pride.

This is working.  Finally.  It's working...

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