Wednesday, September 1, 2010

258.6 (and the ketosis dream becomes reality...)

So I went running around with CCK today after we got up.  First, I made low-carb mochas (which are pretty durn nommy, if'in you ask me, and only 10g carb -vs- the vegan mocha I used to make that totals a whopping 46g!) and mushroom omelets with garlic jack cheese and bacon.  I really am becoming Le roi des omelette du' fromage.  Good thing I really love eggs in all their forms!  Anyhoo, we went to the Low Carb Nation store in the area (sort of: it's a bit of a drive).  Last night, I was bemoaning a desire for cheesecake.  Today, we walk in, look in the freezer case, and spy "Frozen Cheesecake On A Stick".

OMFGLOWCARBPWNIES!!!  Man that thing was good!  They said to let it thaw first.  Yeah.  I heard her say that right before my last bite.  I got some no-carb barbecue sauce, some low-carb baking mix, and an Atkin's low-carb chocolate peanut-butter cups.  At some point I need to come up with a low-carb bread/bun/roll solution.  Glad I'm also a good baker.  I can't really manage to pay $8 for 6 hamburger buns!  And eventually, I WILL eat bread again.  Meanwhile, the baking mix is primarily to work towards one thing: PIZZA CRUST!  I have not switched over to a meat-and-cheese diet without being allowed to eat a fracking pizza!  No-sir-ee-bob.  I'll get it figured out.

Then on to Costco for meat-madness.  6.5lb bag of Chicken thighs, a three pack of organic ground beef, a box of Splenda, a huge two-pack of both turkey and pork bacon, and finally, a home-grown treat: a 20-count box of Johnsonville Brats!  Charlie Murphy[1] would be pleased.

On the way home, I stopped at some gal's house and picked up a bottle of Bayer ketosis test strips that she had no use for (-via- Freecycle).  When I got home, I was able to test myself for the first time, and I am already about 80% into ketosis!  The results showed "moderate" which is one step away from "full-on".  This most likely is the reason why the weight-loss has started again after a stall.  That, combined with the scale reading today, makes me smile inside and out!

If anyone ever tells you that low-carb and Atkins are BS, respond with a polite "BS to you too" because you now know someone who is living proof that this works.  It is easy, it is fulfilling, it is energizing, it is affordable, and I think it may be my ticket to a different life...

[1] For those not fortunate enough to have been raised in the Cheese Belt, "Charlie Murphy" was a character in the Johnsinville bratwurst ad campaign in the 80's.

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