Friday, September 10, 2010

260 (again, again...)

Well, I'm back on the diuretic.  Two days off: five pounds back on.  Disheartening, but understandable.  I went back on for a few reasons.  1) I think I still actually need it for my hypertension, 2) I still suffer from edema, and really don't need to feel that awful when I travel, and admittedly 3) Gaining weight sucks.  I'll have to come off it sometime, I know, but I don't think now is it.  I already feel better, and I am down to 260-and-change again from 264-5.

Tomorrow starts the madness.  My former wife's wedding, then the reception, then the flight, then the layover, then the other flight, then hopefully a nap, then the party for my mom, then the rest of the time spent seeing old friends.  Some very old (friendship-wise, not chronologically).  I'm concerned about eating, especially with the money involved.  I have most dinner arrangements made to dine with friends and family who are willing to make me things I can eat that are low carb, but the mornings are likely to be up to me.  I need to go get some Atkins bars to have along with me during the day.  I hope it will be a fun trip.  I know I'll get quite a bit of walking and schlepping in at least.  I'll weigh myself tomorrow morning, then no weigh-ins until I return.  I'm practicing not caring about what the number is in the event that I gain weight while gone.  We'll see.

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