Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting better... over night!


I am really pleased. That should go without saying, but there; I said it! I have been trying, and it's been paying off. Interestingly enough, I haven't been trying all that hard, and it's still paying off. At times I get a bit nervous that if I try really, really hard: throw everything I have into this, that when I plateau in the 260's or somewhere that I won't have the energy or enough physical ability back yet to take it to another level to get over the hump. We'll see.

I think the breakfast ritual needs to change. I typically have exactly the same thing for breakfast every day. Part of that is helpful; I don't go over-board with breakfast, nor do I spend lots of time thinking about it. I have a bagel with Tofutti BTCC, some dill shake and my mocha. But the bagel is high-carb, the BTCC, vegan as it may be, is fat with a touch of protein, and the mocha, while vastly less negative an impact as a commercial variety, especially fat-wise, is still pretty carb-o-riffic. I need to start concentrating on protein. I think we're headed to smoothie-ville.

Although today due to lack of BTCC, I made myself a bagel, egg & bacon breakfast sandwich, which was damn tasty. My buddy made the seitan bacon, and while he thinks it's sub par, I think it's great. Plus, he gave me two pounds of the stuff. Yeah, it's carb-riffic, too, but seeing as I only have two pieces of the stuff, I'm not so worried. The egg stuff is almost nothing but protein. If I switched to a sprouted grain bagel, that'd really be decent.

I'm thinking of starting to track all that I eat. As the weight-loss continues on, knowing my caloric deficit and my nutrition numbers will become more and more important to me, and this process. But also, having it there--having everything I eat laid out in front of me--will help in mindfulness. It is all rooted in mindfulness.

Everything is...

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