Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dance, fat-boy, dance!

270.8 this morning, but it was after an absolutely k-razy weekend that saw me and a SO at two major dance events, The Crystal Method @ The Roseland, and the Beloved Presents fundraiser, week two, featuring Jujuba, Medicine Drum and Ganga Giri. By 2am, I was wasted tired, and some dude stomped my foot, twisting my ankle, but up until then I was a pretty hard-core dancing fool. Back to the weight: it's already ticked back up to about 272 after rehydration and meals today, but I so don't care. Had a great weekend with my sweetie, and life feels good. I feel so much more in control now.

Two more shows this month at a minimum: Peter Murphy on Wed, and then another rump-shaker: SHPONGLE the week after. There is no question to me that dancing is my favorite form of sweat exercise. Well, second favorite, but whatever...

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